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We, yankee, fans shouldnt blame our pitchers

Posted on: May 16, 2008 8:07 pm
I'd like anyone to remember when was the last time that the Yankees developed a sucesful pitcher in their minors and had this fellow pitching great for them in the majors...I believe the last one was andy pettite and he is still around here after a while if you hadn't noticed. Those "farm developed guys" turn to be elites.

My point is that baseball and the called "farms" have developed and so have the yankees, they have stopped trading all of their yound prospects for old veterans and have started to biuld a farm. However, I believe the Rays are doing this aproximately about 4-5 years ago and results are starting to show, the yankees haven't really cared aboutm this until 2006 so what do you expect??? the transition of these youngsters wont be faster than the others because there's a minimum amount of time. For example, Ian Kennedy jumnped from class a to majors in his second year since being drafted and as starting pitcher not just a reliever (which helps a lot as transition), isnt that too fast??. Yes, I know that the yankees were on trouble but by doing that you just take the caterpillar out of its metamorphosis before its ready to become a butterfly and the results isn't quite good.

So to all of you who think its all about hughes or kennedy's fault, you're wrong ..yes its partly their fault but I would dare to say that most part of the fault is from that man named brian cashman, he is trying to build what needs about 5 years, in 2 or 3. All im saying is that this guys go out there with lack of experience and they pitch in the highest-expectating city and they surender lots of runs and people criticize them and its just not fair.
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